Is there something wrong with me if I am Attracted to Shemales?

h1 June 16th, 2005

NO! A vast majority of men are extremely attracted to Shemales. Because of the social stigmas associated with something that is “different” from social norms, most men refuse to admit it unless under hypnotherapy. Most are even affraid to admit it in the company of trusted friends or medical professionals. Being attracted to shemales does not make you gay or bisexual, although many gays and bisexuals are also attracted to shemales. Many men are “Bi” but only for “shemales”.

According to Dr. Charles Watkins “the so called ‘Shemales or Tranny-girls’ over stimulated the right frontal lobe of the brain. The dichotomy of having both male genitals and a beautiful female appearance hyper-aroused 98 of the 221 participants in our study. When a patient is hyper-aroused, he is more sexually aroused than he would be during a typical sexual encounter. His erection would be harder and his orgasms would be more intense.

In this scientific study, almost half of all men showed a state of hyper-arousal after seeing beautiful shemale act in seductive or sexual manner. Being attracted to shemales or Tranny Girls is not only normal, but reflected in a majority of test subjects.

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