Transgender Internet Chat Lingo

h1 June 16th, 2005

If you are chatting with a TG online, it is very helpful to know some of the Internet chat lingo. So here is a quick list to get you started:
Admirer – A person who is attracted to TG’s.
En Fem – You are “en fem” when you are dressed as a woman. AKA “dressed”.
En Drab – You are “en drab” when you are dressed as a man. AKA “Bubba”.
F/T or 24/7- As in if you are asking someone if they live “Full Time” as a woman – or 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.
GF – Slang for “girlfriend” – a friendly way of talking to a TG friend.
GG – GG is a “genetic girl” or “a girl born genetically as a woman”. Also used as a complimentary term for an attractive tg.
HRT - “Hormone Replacement Therapy” – for girls who are taking hormones, and beginning the process of truly becoming a woman.
P/T - A term for a girl that only dresses “Part Time”.
SRS - “Sexual Reassignment Surgery” – for TG’s going “all the way”
TG – Means Transgender –click her for a definition of transgender,
“T-Girl” – A T-Girl is a A transgendered male – but we are called many different things depending upon where we are in the process, where we are heading with our transformation, and who says it. (i.e. Transsexuals (TS); Transgender (TG); >Transvestites (TV); Crossdressers (CD); Trannies; Girrls; Drag Queens;
She-Males ; Lady Boys, and yes, even the infamous: “Chicks with Dicks”

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